Thinking About Global Trends – “Shift Happens”

As a leader how are you thinking about the global trends affecting your business? Take a few minutes to see some of these trends…


After watching this video – how are you feeling? What about this information excites and energizes you? What fears and overwhelm does it evoke? Is it hard to see and make you want to disconnect or go numb? These trends are facts of our lives in the 21st century – those who pay attention to them and think about their work, their careers and their futures with these in mind will likely thrive – those who don’t risk slipping down the slippery slope to irrelevance. Notice how you’re feeling after watching this clip … pay attention to this and cultivate a curious mind and adventurous spirit because while they may seem far away and remote, they have an impact on just about every part of our existence.

bob devlin
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