We humbly post these testimonials from our clients to help you envision a relationship with Transformation Strategies and our team. It is our greatest fulfillment to witness our clients personal, team and corporate growth and we appreciate the accolades we receive in return for our part in those advancements.

The concepts in MIA were invaluable. First and foremost, it brought us together for a collective experience and discussion of matters that pertain to us as team leaders. This has resulted in group cohesion with many opportunities for confidential exchange of information. There is less apprehension … more mutual respect for each other. The most important impact was to make me always remember that as a supervisor, I do have an impact on my team. I try to pay more attention to what I do and how I interact. I think it was a great program.

Testimonial from recent Management in Action participant

Our strategic planning process involved major changes in our governance structure, bylaws and administrative rules which for a membership organization is monumental. TS facilitated crucial, break through task force meetings. They solicited input on the issues ahead of time and got agreement on the agenda, objectives and outcomes. They were masterful in keeping us focused, ensuring room for all views, and keeping strong personalities from dominating. They helped us reconcile the tensions between local and global interests and in so doing, helped build the trust necessary to move forward.

Ronald M. Seaman, Chair, Strategic Planning Task Force – American Society of Appraisers

They bring credibility in relationships and their personal integrity inspires trust … you know that they really care about you, your company, and are in it with you for the long run if necessary … we counted on them.

Nancy Rawles, Division Vice President HR/OD – American College of Cardiology

We have tried many different strategies to make changes in the field. The Alignment & Action Process is the most successful because it is internally driven organizational change. We have done the top-down type of change, and have had mixed results. With this approach, we let those on the ground determine how they will address the challenges they face and determine how best to move into the future. It has been very successful.

Senior Executive, USDA Director of Field Operations who runs a national organization of 7500 people

TS conducted an alignment process with our senior team. They showed keen sensitivity to our culture and organizational values and proposed an approach that really worked for us. Practically speaking, we identified common goals, crystallized our values as a leadership team, worked out some kinks in our relationships and created a framework that allowed us to make great progress toward our goals.

Fred Somers, Executive Director – American Occupational Therapy Association

TS worked with us as we built a new division – beginning with the three-person management team and walking the road with us over 18 months as we grew to a staff of more than 50. We were clear on our mandate and purpose. TS helped us define our leadership roles and coached us as we grew, providing practical advice and useful models that were invaluable.

Nancy Zlotsky, Senior Vice President, Chemonics International

I have been highly satisfied with divisional retreats facilitated by Transformation Strategies over the past several years. Bob Devlin and Claire Meany were highly sensitive to the needs of our group, one experiencing high growth, needing additional professional development, and managing projects with high political visibility in the Asian region. They helped us explore what was working and what was not in operations, new business, and project management and helped us map out steps for a successful year. We came out of those sessions re-invigorated, focused, and empowered. I recommend Transformation Strategies without hesitation.

Ron Ivey, Senior Vice President — Asia – Chemonics International

Working with Bob Devlin allowed the Global Marketing & Communications team to enhance its teamwork, collaboration and trust. Bob provided a safe environment in which team members felt free to openly discuss strengths and challenges and come to mutual agreements and actions to enhance the effectiveness of individuals and the team as a whole.

Barbara O’Malley, Associate Vice President & Chief Communications Officer – Webster University

Gettysburg College has had a business relationship with Transformation Strategies since the early 2000s and over the past nearly 14 years, they have been strategic partners in providing leadership development and coaching for many of our institutional leaders from the President and the Executive Team to the managers on the front lines. Transformation Strategies utilizes a customized approach for professional development based on your institutional culture, their style and approach to work is truly transformational. Contact Transformation Strategies today, if you are looking for a strategic partner to help you transform your workforce.

Jane North, Executive Vice President – Gettysburg College

Bob and the Transformation Strategies team led a strategic planning process for us – highly engaging sessions that built a common vision and trust across the organization. They got us into and through all of the important conversations with the right groups of stakeholders. They provided great guidance and thought leadership every step of the way, and helped us produce a plan that has buy-in across our statewide organization. They were an invaluable partner and a pleasure to work with!

Matt Aaron, President and CEO Special Olympics Pennsylvania

Transformation Strategies designed and facilitated the first-ever North America Summit on athlete leadership, pulling together 60 CEOs, key staff, and athlete leaders from Special Olympics programs across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. They provided invaluable assistance in getting the right topics on the agenda, framing the working sessions to ensure our time was used effectively, and capturing the myriad inputs needed to make the summit successful – all in less than 3 months! During the Summit, Bob facilitated highly engaging sessions that delivered great results, generated commitment and jump-started an effort that was enthusiastically received by the Chairman of Special Olympics International. As a result of this Summit, athlete leadership is now a priority not only for Special Olympics North America, but also for the worldwide Special Olympics Movement. We would not have achieved such results without Bob’s help.

Michael Furnish, President and CEO Special Olympics Indiana & Chair, Special Olympics US Leadership Council