Leadership in Action

Our Leadership in Action Program is a proven, powerful approach to developing individual leaders and building momentum for effective organizational change. It has been delivered to over 150 leaders in ten different organizations in recent years. By building a learning community that meets for two days per month for four months, we create powerful, action-focused experiences, rooted in real organizational issues and challenges that prepare mid-level leaders to step more boldly into their leadership roles with new perspectives, skills and confidence. Specific skills areas addressed include: Strategic Thinking, Envisioning the Future, Managing Culture and Context, Growing Others, Mobilizing Support and Leading Change. Embedded in this program are the core leadership attributes of: Integrity, Courage and Emotional Intelligence.

We offer Leadership in Action in two formats – as an internal program tailored to specific organizational goals and as a partnership offering where several organizations each send teams of leaders. Internal programs increase cross-functional collaboration as leaders from different functions learn together while working on strategic organizational issues. The partnership offering cross-fertilizes learning among leaders from different organizations, expanding individual horizons and sharing best practices from one organization to another.

Specific learning strategies include four 2-day sessions, individual and team coaching, a 360 leadership assessment, action learning initiatives, rigorous behavioral feedback and a focus on applying new leadership behaviors on the job.

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