Executive Coaching

We work with individual leaders and build customized coaching programs for executives and leaders.

Recent coaching programs:

  • USDA Field Leaders recently promoted to executive roles from managing local teams of 30 to multi-state regions of 300+
  • Senior Executive Service Leaders at EEOC and Nuclear Regulatory Commission – individualized 10 session programs
  • Senior Executives at Pearson, plc – across the US, UK and Asia – to support individual development after an intensive leadership learning program
  • HR Leaders at SWIFT in Belgium – to support individual development as part of an overall HR transformation effort
  • Action Learning coaching in support of 9 month cohort learning programs for the US Army, Professional Societies and College Administrators

You’ve been successful or you wouldn’t be where you are.  Your context and the scope, scale and complexity of your role is changing as you lead and react to what’s going on around you.   How are you learning as you go?  Who is in your inner circle – mentors, advisors, wise counsel – to walk the road with you?

Our coaching process engages three levels

  • YOU: What drives you – what you care deeply about – your goals – what you’re learning – what you aspire to – your legacy: now and longer term.
  • YOU and YOUR TEAM: you’re only as good as your team – how are your team members leading their functions and doing what’s right for the enterprise; how are they aligned and pulling in the same direction; how is their behavior affecting the broader culture; how are they building a talent bench – what’s working and what needs changing?
  • YOU and THE ENTERPRISE: where are you all going; what critical areas need your attention and how do you stay connected to that; what feedback mechanisms tell you that you’re on track or change is needed; who’s holding the strategic agenda to ensure a vibrant future while you deliver today results?

Some Principles that Guide our Coaching

  • Mastery: like Olympic gymnasts, leaders need to perform above the bar in a range of areas and be really extraordinary in a few
  • Authenticity: why would I follow you?  Be yourself … more … with skill
  • Integrity: What you say and do matters – be clear on your intention – actions speak louder than words
  • Leverage: Small behavior changes can have tremendous impact
  • Narrative: The stories we tell ourselves drive our behavior and generate our results – change your story, change your results
  • Learning: Clarify ‘what is’ and decide what you want to be different – make behavior changes by taking on practices and rituals to make the shift – over time this becomes habit, your new way
  • Support: Cultivate your trusted advisors, pull them in close – they’ll support you as you stretch