Leadership Team Alignment

We work with leadership teams and multiple levels of leadership to build alignment and help them identify the “critical few” changes or goals they all want to hold their attention. This creates great focus and energy for implementing strategy and creating change.

Our Alignment and Action Process

Our Alignment and Action Process engages three levels of leadership in a series of exploratory and action-oriented dialogues over 3-5 days. We begin with a data collection process followed by a series of planning meetings and end up with up with an extended offsite with up to 50 leaders to engage the critical issues facing the business and plan for a compelling future.

Our Leadership Dilemmas Challenge

Our Leadership Dilemmas Challenge process was created to help leaders explore the tension that exists in every organization as they strive to balance three things: 1) delivering today’s results, 2) continuously improving quality and operations, and 3) building for the future. Our experience is that how organizations deal with the tensions inherent in these dilemmas determines the quality of their cultures and the sustainability of their businesses. Depending on the desired outcomes these sessions can last from several hours to many days over many months.