For Executives

We work with executives and top teams to enhance individual, team and organizational results.  All of our work is customized.  We take great pride in the quality relationships we build – they’re strong, trusting and long lasting.

We see things systemically, pay attention to group effectiveness and support leaders in growing.  Increased challenge sparks awareness and builds energy and support. We ratchet up challenge to spark awareness and change, support learning that sustains progress, and invite reflection on the bigger questions of meaning, purpose, mission.

Executive Shift

We help leaders make the executive shift, from operational and tactical to a more strategic approach to their work.

Executive Coaching

We work with individual executives and set up organizational coaching programs for high potentials, newly promoted leaders and those on steep learning curves.

Top Team Alignment

We work with leadership teams and multiple levels of leadership to increase collaboration and build focus so all are moving in the same direction.

Consulting Services

We seek to mobilize collective energy toward a compelling future. We convene the important conversations that don’t typically happen in the day to day: challenges, hopes, barriers to success, what we care deeply about, what we’re committed to and what we want to create. Always customized – we lead with process and follow the path that unfolds, leading to remarkable results.