Coaching Programs

We work with companies and government agencies to set up coaching programs for emerging leaders, recently promoted executives, high-potentials and executives seeking a time efficient process for their own growth and development.

Sample recent coaching programs include:

  • Senior Executive Service Leaders at EEOC and Nuclear Regulatory Commission – 10 sessions customized to individual learning needs
  • Senior Executives at Pearson, plc – across the US, UK and Asia – to support individual development after an intensive leadership learning program
  • USDA Field Leaders recently promoted to executive roles from managing local teams of 30 to multi-state regions of 300+
  • HR Leaders at SWIFT in Belgium – to support individual development as part of an overall HR transformation effort
  • Action Learning Team Coaching in support of 9-month cohort leadership programs for the US Army, Professional Societies and College Administrators
  • Coaching for leadership team members as an adjunct to a team development process = – American Occupational Therapy Association, Gettysburg College, Goucher College, US Army, Public Citizen, USDA

These programs are customized and we select coaches from our bench who are the best fit for the project.   Please drop us a line if you’d like to explore a coaching program for your leaders.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

We also work with individual executives and leaders, creating customized learning and development plans with them and supporting them through ongoing coaching.  For more information on our coaching click here.