Top Team Alignment

Our work with top teams helps them: explore how they’re working together, build a common understanding of their role in leading the enterprise, and examine how well they are attending to the strategic, managerial and technical work of the organization.  This results in stronger relationships, clearer operating agreements and roles, and specific actions to enhance team and organizational effectiveness.

We work with with senior teams, helping frame the strategic agenda, develop a structure and rhythm for strategic conversations, craft approaches for engaging multiple levels of the organization and build a collective agenda for action.

We do this through

  • Top Team Retreats
  • Quarterly or Periodic Offsites
  • On-going Team Consultations

What would members of your top team say if we asked:

  • What the big three priorities were …
  • What critical issues the team should have on its agenda …
  • What it means to lead in the current environment and what the enterprise needs from us …
  • How well the team worked to lead the enterprise

Imagine what they would say – and then imagine that we build an unvarnished agenda of the key conversations that are on their minds and lead them through each item in a way that leads to agreements, actions or commitments.  Would that make a difference?  Most teams say yes.

That’s the work we do – helping teams have conversations that matter but that they can’t seem to get to in the day-to-day.  Moving through differences, coming to agreements and making commitments to action.  Doing this in a way that inspires commitment and accountability for getting on the same page and delivering results together, no matter what.

Our process typically involves:

  • Begin with clear goals and outcomes
  • Assess team effectiveness on a range of dimensions
  • Obtain feedback from team members for each other
  • Build an agenda that gets at the critical items
  • Facilitate the session(s) – agreements, actions & next steps
  • Follow up executive support during implementation