Board Development

We work with boards of professional societies, colleges and non-profits.  The challenges are many and the opportunities great.  How do you build a cohesive board with a clear vision and get the best out of each board member when meeting a few times each year?  We pay attention to a wide range of items in our work with Boards:

  • Strategy – plan for the future and board’s role in moving the plan forward
  • Board Composition – do we have the right people, skills and perspectives
  • Recruiting Process for new board members
  • Structure – Board and committees
  • Meetings – how often, how agenda is built
  • Board Dynamics and Relationships – trust, candor, collegiality, power sharing
  • Operating Agreements – how we make decisions, what gets on the agenda, attendance, participation in work of the board, pre-work and preparation, committee assignments
  • Relationship and Accountability for board members, chief executive, senior staff