Michael Furnish

Transformation Strategies designed and facilitated the first-ever North America Summit on athlete leadership, pulling together 60 CEOs, key staff, and athlete leaders from Special Olympics programs across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.  They provided invaluable assistance in getting the right topics on the agenda, framing the working sessions to ensure our time was used effectively, and capturing the myriad inputs needed to make the summit successful – all in less than 3 months!  During the Summit, Bob facilitated highly engaging sessions that delivered great results, generated commitment and jump-started an effort that was enthusiastically received by the Chairman of Special Olympics International.  As a result of this Summit, athlete leadership is now a priority not only for Special Olympics North America, but also for the worldwide Special Olympics Movement.  We would not have achieved such results without Bob’s help.

Michael FurnishPresident and CEOSpecial Olympics Indiana
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