Review – From Hippos to Gazelles: How Leaders Create Leaders


From Hippos to Gazelles
How Leaders Create Leaders
By Philip Goodwin and Tony Page
Reviewed by Claire Meany

Insightful’, ‘encouraging’ and ‘thought-provoking’ – that’s what people thought of From Hippos to Gazelles: How Leaders Create Leaders, when the book was launched at a recent British Council event.

This book, co-authored by Philip Goodwin and our colleague Tony Page, is about the merger of the British Council’s independent East and West African country offices into one Africa unit. The title refers to the change in the way people had to operate: changing old-style managers into inspirational leaders – from hippos into gazelles. In this real life story about a leader and facilitator working together to achieve a successful merger and change Goodwin and Page give us new insights into the magic of organizational transformation. Through the use of a fable, real life examples, and a set of practical tools Hippos to Gazelles is an inspirational handbook for those leaders facing the challenges of managing mergers or changing their own organizations. This engaging and refreshing book has much to offer leaders at all levels, as well as the business graduate and professionals interested in leadership and change. If you are a leader who is serious about creating leaders and about transforming your organization this book is a ‘must read’.

bob devlin
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