Poland in Mourning

This past weekend we’ve witnessed a tragedy of unspeakable magnitude … The Polish president, senior members of the cabinet and military leaders were all killed in an air disaster.

This is ever more tragic since the delegation was traveling to Russia to commemorate the execution of more than 20,000 Poles – soldiers and civilians – during World War II.

This raises many leadership questions we can reflect on – for today let’s ask, how do we mourn this loss? How do we connect in meaningful ways with those whose country is rocked by this disaster – a country that is no stranger to tragedy and oppression, and now, another?

For today we remember – later we can reflect on the human dynamics that may have led to this once the facts are clearer.

For my part I will be reaching out with a word of support and sadness to the Poles in my life – I invite you to do the same.

bob devlin
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