Inspired Leadership….

Remember Bobby Mc Ferrin – the Don’t Worry, Be Happy guy – he’s a world class musician and thinker.  Watch how in a matter of 10 seconds, he gets an audience of hundreds on the same page… You’ll laugh and be inspired.

As leaders, what are we doing to get folks singing off the same sheet of music, marching to a similar beat?  What tools do we have at our disposal?  It’s in the stories we tell … Stories that link our passion and humanity to theirs, our hope and sense of possibility to theirs, our desire for tomorrow to be as or more exciting than today.

Try it today – in a meeting or hall conversation, tell others what inspires you, what you are hopeful about, why you choose to spend your life doing what you do… Pay close attention to the response you get – it’ll tell you lots about the emotional subtext of the place – and give you some clues about how to lead in a more engaging way.

bob devlin
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