Good Questions….good listening

I love the quote below – in fact, I joke that I make my living traveling the world helping leaders to ask good questions and listen deeply to what they’re hearing.  It means sorting through our own filters and challenging our conclusions and examining how we make meaning of what we see and hear. If we continue listening with the same mindset, we will likely come to the same conclusions as we have in the past – in which case, why bother listening?

Listening is a core leadership competency in these changing times – asking good questions implies good listening to understand context, point of view and perspective.  From this place the questions are relevant and can deepen the conversation.

Today, in one conversation, stop yourself from putting in your view and intentionally ask four questions before providing your input.  Sound easy?  Try it, most people find it exceedingly difficult!  After you’ve done that, what do you notice – about yourself, about the other, about what’s different?

bob devlin
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