Working with Senior Teams

Much of my work involves working with senior teams – enhancing how they interact and work together has an amazing impact on the rest of the system, sometimes directly through collective action or setting up new ways to engaging people more broadly, and other times more subtly as each member starts to shift how they work with their reports and extended teams.

One of those senior teams is the Edgewood Chem-Bio Center – the US Army Laboratory whose vision is: Creating a World Free of WMD.  One of their functions is to decommission chemical and biological weapons at home and around the world.  They lead the  Cape Ray project – the ship in the Mediterranean Sea right now that’s processing the Syrian chemical stockpile.  Important, interesting, innovative work – unique in the world.

A member of that team sent me the following link to an HBR post today about when your team gets stuck in a rut.  Some good thinking that you can apply to your team today!

bob devlin
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