Perception is Reality – At Least in the Eye of the Beholder

As leaders, we rely on the great strengths we’ve developed over time that have gotten us to our current station. Imagine Jim – an executive I’ve worked with recently – who finds himself running a national organization of 800+ employees who previously ran an organization of 65 people. He knows the business and markets well and has relevant technical know … His challenge is how to lead in a new context with much greater scope, scale and complexity. He’s faced with a need to adopt new mindsets to understand his much expanded role. His challenge is to determine where he needs to be involved deeply, where he needs a light touch and where he needs to let go completely.

While it’s important to get started on the right foot, the good news is that he’ll get many different opportunities to establish his credibility and inspire the confidence of his extended team. Follow the link to see what Marshall Goldsmith has to say about how perceptions are created and how they can be changed – through intentional, explicit behavior change. It’s entitled: You’ve Changed! Why Didn’t Anyone Notice?

bob devlin
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