Warren Bennis – RIP

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One of the amazing leadership thinkers of our time died on Thursday last week. Warren Bennis is often labeled as the father of modern leadership.Bennis 3

A prolific writer and thinker, Bennis believed that while we’re all born with potentialities and develop talents over time, the skills of leadership can be learned. At the core, he believed that great leaders are not born but made, insisting that “the process of becoming a leader is similar, if not identical, to becoming a fully integrated human being,” he said in an interview – both, he said, were grounded in self-discovery.

If you’re interested in solid thinking on leadership that stands the test of time, pick up one of Bennis’ books and have a read. They include titles like: On Becoming a Leader, Learning to Lead and Organizing Genius.   His thinking will help flesh out your beliefs about what it means to lead and sharpen how you think about your role – whether you lead formally a the top of a hierarchy or informally around the table.

Bennis’ obit in the New York Times can be found HERE.

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