The Susan Boyle Phenomenon – The Scot Heard Around the World

-A model of authenticity and greatness-

A few days ago, Susan Boyle took the world by storm on Britain’s Got Talent TV show.  An unknown, small town woman takes the stage to snickers and laughs seemingly saying “what good could she possibly do?”  Then the moment of truth – she begins singing and within moments we watch the emerging smile of the ever cynical Simon Cowell and a standing ovation from the crowd that lasts throughout her song.  If you haven’t seen this amazing performance, by arguably the most unlikely candidate, join over 9 million other viewers on YouTube and prepare to be moved by this amazing, uplifting performance.

(Use the above link or click twice anywhere on the TV screen below, but not on the arrow in the center of the screen)


Leadership Lessons…

–         How often do we judge a book by its cover, or someone by initial impressions, and quickly pigeonhole them, write them off, lump them into a category?  This stark example calls to stay more open to the possibilities in others and that we can find magnificence in many forms and packages.

–         What’s remarkable about Susan is her authenticity.  She presents as a nervous, fidgety, home spun, small town girl in the big stage lights – but quickly we see an amazing talent, open heart and sincerity which makes her very compelling and likeable.

–         Leadership Charisma – can we lead effectively without it?  What if we aren’t particularly high energy or inspiring by nature?  The essence of true charisma I would suggest is authenticity manifested in presence – something that Susan does in remarkable ways.

May we all be inspired by Susan to cultivate that within us which is unique, our own personal greatness.  As we live and relate from this place, we not only bring our best to bear, we also create a context that draws this out of others.

bob devlin
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