How Millenials are Learning – Implications for Leadership

Learning to Learn as Leaders: interesting research on the role of podcast

Recent research published in the Atlantic Monthly, quoting an article in iTimes –  University and the Classroom: “Can Podcasts Replace Professors” is something all leaders should pay attention to… for our own growth and as we work to cultivate leadership and growth in those around us.

“iPods are as ubiquitous on today’s college campuses as pens and notebooks, and they may make better learning tools.  Students who listened to a lecture podcast and took notes scored far better on exams than students who attended the class in person.  A majority in the podcast group also listened to the lecture more than once while studying, gaining an edge on peers who may or may not have been napping in the lecture hall.”

Questions to explore this phenomenon:

1)      Think about how you learn best.  Have you done any on-line learning?  Do you have any podcasts or book summaries on an ipod or mp3 player?  What have you learned about learning from this modality?  If you haven’t done this, what keeps you from learning this way?

2)      The next generation learns this way – do your training & development programs include these kinds of strategies?  If not, you may be missing great opportunities.  Imagine if your sales force was listening to a discussion of best sales practices in your industry while on the treadmill…

3)      Of course, this kind of electronic learning is not the whole story – deconstructing real work challenges and situations through dialogue, reflecting on one’s impact and engaging in mentoring conversations with others are additional relevant strategies

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