Engaging Fear – Inspiring Hope – the Leader’s Challenge

With revenues down, industries in crisis, consumers buying less and wanting different, job losses and the mortgage crisis there is much to be concerned about.  The question is: how do we relate and respond to these circumstances … through well justified fear, through hope, though courageous action?  The winning formula probably involves elements of all three — acknowledging what is (OMG), envisioning what could be, and taking concrete steps to build a compelling future.

From a leadership perspective, we can ask:

  • What am I saying and doing that balances fear, hope and action?
  • What are those around me saying and how can I shift the conversation to hope and action?
  • Do we need to connect more to the realities of the current situation and break through denial?
  • Do we have a view of the future that is brighter than today?
  • What plans do we have and what actions can we take to build the future?
bob devlin
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