Brigadier General Cornum on Resiliency

In an engaging session recently, Brigadier General Rhonda Cornum, MD spoke about Comprehensive Soldier Fitness and the Army’s Resiliency Program that’s being offered to soldiers, their families and civilians.  She defined resilience simply as: “the ability to thrive in the face of challenge and bounce back from adversity.”

Being able to think clearly and withstand the heat when the going gets tough and being able to bounce back when you’re knocked down …this resilience is attained through myriad practices and skills that help us care for our bodies, minds,  hearts and souls: exercise, healthy eating, communication skills to enhance connected conversation with trusted others, meditation and increased self awareness.

So, the US Army is training warfighters and those who support them in these skills with the goal of increasing resilience – meditation and all.  All of these are practices – activities that we can pay attention to in our day-to-day so they become part of our lifestyle, helping us to meet today’s challenges and bounce back when we’re knocked off our proverbial horse.

As a leader – what are you doing to enhance your own resilience?  What conditions are you creating with your team and broader organization to build resilience?  Your ability to meet your goals and have a sustainable future may well depend on it.

bob devlin
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