A Leadership Reflection…

“The really glorious moment is when you throw away the manual and figure it out for yourself.”

Matt Crawford – Philosopher & gear head – Author of Shop Class as Soul Craft – New York Times Bestseller – at age 43, he’s a PhD Political Philosopher, former university professor and Executive Director the George C. Marshall Institute in Washington DC –  he now repairs vintage motorcycles, reflects on and writes about life as we know it in Richmond, VA.


So, we’ve read the books, learned the theories, listened to the Masters – and we’ve relied on these recipes until we saw beyond them, stumbled on their limitations or got bored.  In that place we have a choice – to go along, or to heed courageous call to claim our own mastery – relying on the compass within, on our mettle, our intuition, moving into uncharted territory to create a new way.  If you’ve ever found yourself in this place and said YES, then you know something about exhilaration and anxiety.

And, oh by the way, exhilaration and anxiety, it’s called aliveness… it’s contagious, the source of our passion … from this place can truly inspire others … this place, available to all of us debunks the myth that leaders are born and not made… everyone can step to the edge of their comfort zone, move beyond traditional, tested ways and in so doing lead and inspire in a very personal, authentic and powerful way.

bob devlin
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