Quote of the Week-Dogen Zenji

If you go out and confirm the 10,000 things, this is an illusion … If you let the 10,000 things confirm you, this is enlightenment. – Dogen Zenji

This quote comes from the 1200s … The fact that it’s still around means something – another take on “what we don’t know we don’t know” – in opening to the wonders of uncertainty we have the possibility of seeing something new of creating something different of breaking through the boredom and mundane.

Next time you say “I know” – ask yourself if you’re sure and ask it again, and again … How do you really know?  As the doubt begins to creep in, notice the energy that accompanies it, the aliveness born of the new and novel that accompanies the new, the unknowing … Some call it fear some call it excitement … What do you call it?

bob devlin
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