Maradona Running Naked Through the Streets – Now That’s Passion!

With world cup madness about to overtake most of the world, all eyes are on South Africa!  Argentina’s coach and former world cup hero Diego Maradona has promised to run naked through the streets in Buenos Aires if his team wins.  Outrageous, yes.  Passionate, yes.  Motivating, why not. Authentic, for him absolutely.  His team won’t vie for the cup because of this, but imagine the chuckles and chiding in the locker room during the stresses of the tournament.

Maradona is an interesting study – climbing out of the Barrios of Beunos Aires to the heights of world class soccer. he was Argentina’s darling before falling to the lows of lows through fast living and drug abuse.  Now he’s back as the national team’s coach, being predictably unpredictable!  buse.

In your leadership – when was the last time you showed your true, outrageous self?  Challenge yourself to break out of those programmed behaviors that we all take on with a more passionate, authentic outburst – and see what happens.  If you’re reserved or typically hold back, you probably can go a distance before doing much damage!

Stay tuned – we’ll post the video clip of the streaking Maradona here.  And in the meantime, enjoy some of the best competition on the world stage…

bob devlin
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