MOOCS–Massive Open Enrolment Online Courses

What a great innovation – Stanford, MIT, Harvard and a bunch of other institutions are doing this.  Georgia Tech I’ve heard has made a Masters Degree in engineering available through this framework.  Making world-class research and teaching available to anyone, anywhere, who has access to the internet.

I’m taking a Harvard course right now delivered Robert Kegan who has studied and written extensively about the Immunity to Change.  The course is an experiment to see if what they do in their classes, workshops and coaching can actually be done with thousands, asynchronously across the world.

The premise is this: just as our immune system keeps us in balance and healthy, we have a psychological immune system that keeps us safe.  Our brain wiring views change as a threat to the status quo (accurately) and in order to keep us safe, a reaction kicks in to help protect us and keep us from making the change that we desire and that may actually be good for us.  So they offer a process for unpacking the different beliefs that form this change immunity system to shine light into the internal process and help us make the changes we’d like to in our lives.

I’ll post more on this as the course unfolds and also provide a review on the book.  Stay tuned!

bob devlin
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