Innovation Happens in Relationship

Imagine this … you’re in conversation – you speak, they respond, connecting, building – you listen and link elsewhere – more back and forth and someone summarizes … something new is born.  You each see a bit differently, another direction, something new now possible.

What if every creative inspiration emerged in the space between people – where different views, understandings, beliefs mix together yielding novelty … Social Constructionists say that is so … it’s an interesting and challenging proposition.

This week, take the constructionist challenge … when you speak or hear something spoken in certainty … “that’s the way it is” … ask the question – if that is indeed so, who or what gets excluded, marginalized, left out?

This simple act of inquiry shines light on what was perhaps heretofore invisible – leading to new conversations exploring new territory … It’s just a simple question … try it and see what happens!

bob devlin
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