Review: Africa Rising

africa-risingAFRICA RISING: How 900 million african consumers offer more than you think by Vijay Mahajan

If you’re thinking globally or working in international development, this book is an interesting read.  We attended a session by author Vijay in Toronto in November and he’s a compelling and passionate speaker.  There are videos of his presentations on Utube.

The title says it all …. 900 Million consumers in Africa … a market growing faster than any others in the world and a place where Indian and Chinese businesses are rapidly expanding.  To maintain growth rates, ought international companies not be considering this as a serious market?  For International Development types – how can you leverage his reasearch to make his case to businesses that provide products, services and jobs in Africa?  Check out Vijay Mahajan on YouTube to hear a great summary of his research.

bob devlin
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