At the Core of Good Stories

Often we find ourselves helping leaders tell their stories – about the compelling future they’re trying to create; about the reasons why change is needed; about themselves to help others answer the question: ‘why would I follow you?’  At the core of good stories are three elements that Aristotle used to train Generals – Logos: a logic and flow… a rational argument that speaks to our minds and intellect; Ethos: a believability factor … that the way we tell the story is believable and congruent in our body language, gestures, and word choice; and Pathos: passion and emotion…. that it is connected to what we care about and what others care about.

Recently our colleague Kriss Wittmann, a fabulous graphic recorder, captured the essence of my presentation to a group of senior leaders – I’ve included it below.  Enjoy!

storytelling graphic[2]

bob devlin
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