Journey or Destination

Last night I attended a production of Between Trains – a play by Juanita Rockwell about the journeys we take in pursuing our dreams, and the life that unfolds along the way in the waiting and the watching … the connections and meaning we can easily miss in our relentless pursuit of the elusive future.  It reminds me of the adage – life is what happens to us as we’re planning it.

The Dramaturg, Sarah Shook wrote the following in the program notes:

“All of us, Buddhist or not, have  a dream of what we believe to be necessary in our own lives and the path we anticipate taking.  But do we ever slow down and wait to see what life has to offer us?  We are constantly searching for instant gratification of the meaning of life.  We all desire to be fulfilled and to feel needed and appreciated, but it is up to us to find it within ourselves.  We live in a society where people are overwhelmed by busy schedules, the desire for material gain and a feeling that no matter how hard we try, we always need something more.  But things are not always as they seem.  By waiting and taking in the true sense of the world, we can decide for ourselves what is vitally important and truly worth experiencing.”

So, as leaders …

How do we attune ourselves to the moment, to the exquisite beauty around us, as we push onwards relentlessly toward the future?

How do we create time and space to connect with others, the wonders that surround us and the greater purpose of our actions?

How do we create space in our teams and organizations for others to do the same?

bob devlin
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